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Since 1999, we’ve earned a reputation for efficient engineering, designing the everyday places where people live and work, sites they visit, and the roadways and passages that make life easier in and around Chester County. We get hired because the plans we design are efficient and cost effective to build.
Once solely a civil engineering firm, we’ve grown to include a complete range of Civil Engineering, Land Development, Environmental and Surveying services for clients throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Each department added intentionally to combine our experience with the information and design skills we need to communicate our decades of knowhow into sound plans, controlled timelines and strengthened relationships along the way to approvals.

Our History


The Process

When we first learn about a project, we spend a lot of time getting to know our client’s business and what they want to achieve. Whether it’s a new office building, a retail property that requires loading docks, a residential addition, or anything in between, we first assess what they need as far as permits and engineering.
We look at a site’s feasibility. Way before we run any nuts and bolts engineering calculations or spend any dollars, we’re evaluating the property, making educated guesses, controlling the budget, and providing the best probability of success for each client. 
Entering the design phase, guided by a Project Manager, our artful handiwork and gut experience take over. Stormwater management enters the equation very early in the game. We note the existing environmental features and find the location that allows us to collect and control water flows in compliance with local regulations.
Many of us were trained to lay out the vertical curve of a roadway by hand and build models to demonstrate flood plains and grading. Now, using data points we gather in the field through surveys and testing through environmental studies, we incorporate real time information for our technical drawings. The AutoCAD plans we create allow us to provide exacting design direction, accurate cost estimates and achievable construction schedules. 

The Deliverables

What makes a Howell plan different than most is the efficiency of the design. Rarely do contractors ask us to revisit or rethink a particular aspect. Equally important to our clients is that the plan can be constructed properly, within budget.


The Presentation

Most of our land development projects in Southeastern Pennsylvania require a presentation in front of a board or commission in a particular township. Many municipal officials depend on our expert opinions and testimony related to zoning, stormwater management, floodplain issues, environmental impacts and engineering management overall.
As Howell expands in the land development subdivision market, our professionals maintain the highest levels of licensing and accreditation. Experience guides our recommendations. And our knowhow continues to expand.

what Our clients say

Jeff Beitel

“They’re personable, they’re professional. They put out a really good product for a reasonable cost. And they’re local, they know what needs to be done, for the different townships and they know the players. I like the guys and they’re number one on my list.”

Jeff Beitel, Beitel Architects

Greg Harth

“Their survey department is phenomenal. Very responsive, quotes back fast, and they do a good job of setting the expectation for a schedule and hitting the dates. The competence and accuracy that you get, and their guidance with the results, add value.”

Greg Harth, Harth Builders

Tom Bentley

“Howell does a great job, they’ve got a great reputation. I know everybody over there. I trust they’re going to be doing what they say they’re going to be doing. This is a long, long relationship."

Tom Bentley, Bentley Homes

John Lynch

“Howell is an engineering firm that understands the development world. I can’t just plow forward, doing engineering without understanding how the cost of a proposal impacts me- and everything we do as far as the design. They understand my need to balance risk and costs. They recognize that my world is all about advancing money within uncertainty.”

John Lynch

Chuck Swope

“Howell is capable. They have municipal relationships, they have a very, very good pulse on what may or may not be acceptable. They have institutional knowledge in this greater Chester County marketplace. They’re well staffed. Things get turned around in a timely manner. I would work with them without reservation.”

Chuck Swope, Swope Lees

Stephen Campbell

“Howell is responsive, professional, they know their stuff and can advise well. The key for us is being able to execute and advise at the same time rather than just take orders. Their expertise and their service are really good. They don’t waste a lot of time.”

Stephen Campbell, Harth Builders

Chris Hazley

“Call these people –they’re going to get back to you when they say they’ll get back to you, and they’re going to be reliable, get the job done and do what they say they’re going to do.”

Chris Hazley, Hazley Builders

Patrick Stuart

“A lot of times, we have clients that have never been through the land development process. Howell’s Project Managers are very good at educating our clients on the process and the timing they have to follow.”

Patrick Stuart, Stuart + Associates

Testimonial 1

“Howell has the skillset to not only produce the drawings, from a technical standpoint, but also get through the review process by other engineers. They work their way through a public forum, even with highly contested projects, and keep their cool answering questions. That’s a skillset you can’t really teach. They do everything they can, keeping costs, timeline and the end goal in mind, and not just rolling over on things if they’re getting bullied.”

Testimonial 2

“They’re thorough. The plans they’re submitting are compliant with existing code, which is critical. If you ignore certain zoning codes, if you’re not immersed in the local code, you’re wasting an enormous amount of time and money. Their knowledge and expertise on local codes is extremely valuable."

Testimonial 3

“They’re good, responsive and thorough. They look at everything and spec everything properly.”

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Local Knowhow. Engineered.Local Knowhow. Engineered.Local Knowhow. Engineered.
Local Knowhow. engineered.Local Knowhow. engineered.Local Knowhow. engineered.



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