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environmental Services

Howell offers comprehensive Environmental Services, providing multi-disciplined support for all of your compliance needs. Drawing on our deep technical expertise and strong working relationships with government agencies, we develop environmental solutions that are effective as well as cost-effective.

You can also rely on Howell for comprehensive geotechnical engineering and excavation services associated with stormwater infiltration testing, septic percolation testing and sub-surface site investigation.

We specialize in preparing environmental audits and site assessments along with permits and approval for the following:

  • Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection

  • US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Chester County Conservation District

  • Chester County Health Department

Howell is the region’s proven and trusted source for the following Commercial / Residential / Institutional / Industrial services:

  • PA DEP Permitting, Sewer Extensions, and Planning Modules

  • NPDES / Conservation District Permitting

  • Best Management Practices (BMP) Implementation

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment

  • Geotechnical Engineering 
  • Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) Clearance

  • Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Compliance Permitting

  • Stormwater Infiltration Testing

  • On-Lot Septic Percolation Testing

  • Wastewater Management

  • Water Resource Management

  • Design & Permitting of On-Site Sewage

  • Soil Classification


Wastewater Management

Eliminate your wastewater worries.

The Howell team brings more than a decade of experience in both on-lot and off-site wastewater conveyance systems. As a result, we have extensive expertise in the design and permitting requirements associated with wastewater management systems of all types. This includes gravity fed, pressure dosed in-ground, sand mound and alternate drip disposal systems.

We perform all tasks required to test, design and permit residential and commercial disposal systems. Work includes coordination of soil testing with local health departments or sewage enforcement officers, the performance of soil percolation testing, designing the sewage disposal system and obtaining local permits. We have expertise in the design and permitting for low-pressure force mains required to transport sewage to off-site treatment facilities.

Geotechnical Engineering

Study below the surface, before you start.

Howell offers a wide range of geotechnical engineering services. Many builders, real estate agents, and property owners speculate on critical aspects of land development projects, only to encounter unforeseen sub-surface conditions that produce costly alterations to the project plan. We develop cost-effective investigation programs tailored to match the size and complexity of your project, as well as our local experience throughout southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas.

Save yourself time and money—let Howell take the guesswork out of your site design and reduce the odds of delays or additional costs during construction. We aim to identify common issues such as shallow bedrock, existing fill materials, shallow seasonal high water table, and weak or problematic soils underlying structural elements (i.e., foundations, floor slabs, pavements). We can also assist with more complex issues like sinkhole repair and site evaluations for karst topography or carbonate bedrock (sinkhole-prone areas).


  • Geotechnical Engineering Consultation and Report

  • Subsurface Investigation Programs

  • Karst Topography/Carbonate Rock Study

  • Sinkhole Mitigation and Repair

  • Pavement Evaluation and design

  • Soil Laboratory Testing

  • 3rd Party Construction Inspections: Materials Testing and Bearing Capacity Verification.

  • Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling 


  • Segmental Retaining Wall Design

  • Securing of Excavation (SOE) Design

  • Slope Stability Analysis

Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Services

Our powerhouse drill is up for the task.

When it comes to geotechnical and environmental drilling needs, Howell Environmental is the name you can trust. Our track-mounted Geoprobe 7822DT is a compact powerhouse, ideally suited for a wide range of drilling needs. Whether your project demands boreholes on asphalt or navigating wooded terrain, this rig is up to the task and ensures efficiency and precision at every turn. Safety and reliability are at the core of our values, and we maintain rigorous maintenance standards to ensure that every project we undertake is completed safely and on schedule. Your peace of mind is our top priority. Our team of experienced professionals boasts an in-depth understanding of local geological conditions throughout eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, making us your trusted partners for any drilling challenge.

*New Jersey Environmental Resource & Geotechnical Licensed Driller
*Licensed Chester County Well Driller


We specialize in the following Geotechnical and Environmental Drilling Services:

  • Hollow Stem Auger Drilling

  • Standard Penetration Testing

  • NQ Wireline Rock Coring

  • Geoprobe Dual Tube Sampling

  • Geoprobe Macro Core Sampling

  • Undisturbed Shelby Tube Sampling

  • Piezometer and Monitoring Well Installation & Abandonment

  • Air Rotary Drilling

  • Borehole Infiltration Testing

Phase I Environmental Site Assesment

Mitigate risk with experience & expertise.


An Environmental Site Assessment (Phase I) is a property analysis that identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. Site Assessment addresses both the on-site physical improvements and physical improvements on the surrounding properties. Standards for performing a Phase I site assessment are established by the US EPA and are based in part on ASTM Standard E1527-21.

Preparing a Phase I Assessment includes an on-site inspection to review present conditions relating to use and storage of hazardous substances or petroleum products, and evaluation of any environmentally hazardous conditions on or surrounding the subject property. Additional tasks include interviewing informed parties regarding the property history, reviewing municipal or county records and historic deeds, conducting public agency file searches and examining historic aerial photography.

Howell is committed to providing unparalleled environmental risk management support and solutions. We use one of the largest and most accurate databases of environmental and historical land use information accessible to provide the most comprehensive site assessment possible. To ensure data integrity and complete coverage of relevant sources, we maintain close contact with federal, state and local agencies to identify new data sources and integrate them into our reports. We also monitor industry developments to be proactive in providing all the resources that our clients need.

Water Resource Management

Manage water resources wisely.

Howell remains on the cutting edge of Water Resource Management in Pennsylvania. Through continuous interaction with local, state and federal agencies, we are able to stay ahead of the dynamic regulations pertaining to Water Management. Our background in both surface water control and groundwater recharge allows us to provide consulting services specific to each client’s needs.

That means Howell can provide expertise and support in all aspects of water management, including: surface and groundwater quantity and quality planning; soil and water conservation; policies, procedures and regulations pertaining to public water supply withdrawals and quality; sewage facilities planning; point source municipal and industrial discharges; encroachments upon waterways and wetlands; dam safety; earth disturbance activities and control of storm water and nonpoint source pollution; and the planning, design and construction of flood protection and stream improvement projects.

Making sense of stormwater.

Stormwater runoff from land development can often lead to environmental problems including flooding, erosion, and general stream degradation. We have a long history in working with industry and local government agencies in controlling stormwater issues including stormwater pollution prevention/control plan preparation, stormwater permitting, and development and design of practical stormwater best management practices (BMPs).

NPDES / Conservation District Permitting

Navigate permitting with the pros.

As your full-service engineering partner, Howell is extensively experienced in the process of Conservation District Permitting.

Our in-depth understanding of this sometimes challenging process means we can help you navigate every step of the way, from conducting a pre-application meeting with district officials and developing a successful plan to anticipating processing time, coordinating site inspections and addressing potential complaints.

PNDI Clearance

Get clarity on clearances.

The Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Program (PNHP) is a member of NatureServe, an international network of natural heritage programs that gather and provide information on the location and status of important ecological resources (plants, vertebrates, invertebrates, natural communities and geologic features). PNHP information can be used to guide conservation work and land-use planning, ensuring the maximum conservation benefit with the minimum cost. The Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory (PNDI) database falls under this umbrella.

Howell specialists can help you obtain PNDI Clearance for your project via a PA DEP Compliance permit. To do this, we complete a survey of the area in question. Next, we prepare the plan as required by the agency, showing all proposed work. In addition to submitting the plan, Howell completes all application packages associated with the specific permits for submission to the appropriate agencies.

Stormwater Infiltration Testing

Simplify stormwater planning.

Stormwater infiltration testing has become an integral part of the land development process. Howell has the capability to handle your project’s complete stormwater infiltration needs without involving outside contractors. From initial design through final approval, we coordinate all project activity under one roof. This allows for seamless communication, real-time field awareness, and unparalleled efficiency in driving project completion—all while giving you the convenience of one point of contact for full project updates.

Sub-Surface Site Investigation

Uncover the unknowns.

Curious to see if that basement plan is really possible? Worried about bedrock or a seasonal high water table? Many builders, real estate agents, and property owners speculate on critical aspects of land development projects, only to encounter unforeseen sub-surface conditions that cause costly alterations to the project plan.

Save yourself time and money—let Howell take the guesswork out of your site design.

By excavating a few exploratory test pits throughout your site—specifically, where potential homes or buildings are to be placed—we can find out exactly what lies beneath the surface. That amounts to priceless peace of mind, reducing the odds of delays or additional costs during construction. We also provide test pit reports identifying soil horizons and depth to any limiting conditions encountered during excavation.

Septic Percolation Testing Services

Test with the experts.

In cooperation with County Health Departments and Municipal Sewage Enforcement Officers (SEOs), Howell offers full-service septic percolation testing. From completing the necessary paperwork to scheduling the initial test pit evaluations to excavating the test pits and testing the proposed absorption area, Howell works with local and state regulating agencies to provide solutions for on-lot septic disposal needs.

With our own in-house SEO, Howell provides test pit evaluations and septic system design for your project with efficiency and confidence.

Permitting, Sewer Extension & Planning Modules

Get full-service support for systems of all types.

Whether they include an on-lot septic system, connection to public sewer, or installation of a pump station, nearly all subdivision/land development projects require PA DEP Sewage Facilities Planning.

The first step in this process for all new land development projects is the Planning Module Application Mailer. DEP uses this information to determine whether sewage facilities planning is required, and if so, what type of planning is appropriate. Following DEP’s determination, the appropriate sewage facilities planning forms and materials are prepared and submitted to the municipality, county, and state agencies involved. Whether field testing needs to be performed for an on-lot system or a gravity sanitary sewer needs to be designed, Howell knows how to handle all of your planning module needs.


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