Howell Surveying’s Automated Monitoring System …More than Today’s AI…It’s Actual Intelligence!

February 2, 2024
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Infrastructure monitoring is a critical element during active construction that assists with the safety and integrity of assets and labor force on-site. In the past, monitoring infrastructure on large projects has required manual surveying practices and often delayed reporting processes.

Our automated monitoring process operates remotely with its own power source and communication ability. Systems can be deployed in nearly any environment while providing high-accuracy data with proven results. Various measurements can be collected by placing targets on locations of interest, such as rails during track construction, slopes affected by poor soil structure, bridge components, building faces, support of excavation sheeting, and retaining walls. Tilt sensors can also be incorporated for foundation movement.

The instruments are programmed to operate and report on the client's defined schedule. Once the data is collected, it's sent to a dedicated secure server for post-processing, where clients have the option to view the information immediately and utilize multiple analysis options to see potential movement that may have occurred today or over time. Daily reports comparing baseline information against the newest data are also available. The results can be sent instantly to project owners and clients for review. We set up a website developed specifically for your project so that only the owner and project team can gain access and review the current status, as well as historical data comparison during the life of the project. The information is also accessible by mobile app for those in the field. You'll have access to your project data anytime, anywhere.

If you're not into all the fancy software and analysis the web page offers, we also create simple standard deviation reports that answer the more straightforward question, "Did it move or not?" Each project determines its threshold for potential movement. Emailed spreadsheet-style reports can provide a one-dimensional distance from initial baseline readings.

At the heart of this system is its ability to significantly increase safety and peace of mind. For example, railroad construction projects that use conventional monitoring require surveyors and multiple track watchmen to be present in a train's pathway for every measurement, every day. This creates tight work schedules and a higher potential for accidents to occur, not to mention additional labor costs. Once our system is installed, data can be collected at any frequency, night or day, without the need for human presence. Additionally, alarms that send emails and even text messages when thresholds are exceeded can be established.

Now that's Actual Intelligence!

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