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November 17, 2023
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Howell Engineering is comprised of a collection of diverse individuals who have earned a reputation for tenacious fieldwork and outstanding engineering services. While athletic backgrounds in football, ice hockey, wrestling, baseball, rugby, dance, cross-fit, and distance running have helped equip our associates with the tools necessary to deal with the ever-changing landscape of our professional business, we also like to break a mental sweat. In this week's newsletter, we will take a break from yet another project update, step outside the box, and dive into how we also strengthen the mental landscape in which we operate here at Howell Engineering.

In complete transparency, historically, I've never been much of a reader. And I'd wager, similar to you, I've used all the excuses of why I don't read as much as I should- reading is boring, I just don't have the time, it makes me fall asleep, I've got too much going on, I work long hours, reading is for nerds, the kids activities are endless, etc., etc. In 177 Mental Toughness Secretes of the World Class, the author Steve Siebold presents an extremely simple layout, which makes it almost impossible to convince yourself any of those excuses actually pertain to you. He does this by offering the reader 177 one-page stories that translate the thought processes, habits, and philosophies of some of the greatest individuals in modern history. Since there is no order tying the current story to its former, the reader can literally flip to any page, at any time, on any day, and enjoy a quick paragraph to a one-page story on how- The Great Ones Know They Are Unaware, how Champions Know Adversity Is The Catalyst Of Mental Toughness, or how The Great Ones Are Professional Failures. At the end of each story, Siebold offers the reader an "Action Step" to promote the implementation of that particular topic into everyday life if they choose. 

With the ever-growing awareness of mental and physical health sweeping the nation, it's not the latest diet of superfoods, the three-minute cold plunge ice bath first thing in the morning, or implementing a 30-minute stretching routine that will change your life. However, adjusting your thought process will lead to an adjustment in your daily habits, which results in a cumulative physical and philosophical transformation. And the byproduct of that is becoming the person you were meant to be. Below are a few short excerpts from an easy-to-read collection of 177 short stories, one of which I'm sure will resonate with you should you convince yourself you do have the time, you won't fall asleep, reading won't make you a nerd, and the kids activities aren't endless. Happy reading!

The Great Ones Are The Most Enthusiastic People Alive- "Champions are willing to put themselves on the line and risk failure and rejection, while amateurs sit on the sideline and observe without risk."

The World Class Has Great Expectations- "World class performers literally talk themselves into believing anything that gives them a mental edge."

Champions Are Driven By A World Class Belief System- "Amateurs rationalize their lack of drive with tall tales of bad breaks and unfortunate circumstances. Meanwhile, the champions- no more intelligent or talented- become more focused and driven every day and continue to win."

The Great Ones Choose Discipline Over Pleasure- "Discipline is a logic-based decision. While average people see discipline as a painful chore to be avoided at all costs, the world class see it as the ultimate power tool for performance."


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