October 16, 2020
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In life, everyone makes mistakes. Some mistakes have bigger consequences than others, but in the profession of land surveying, mistakes are almost always costly. One miscalculation or blunder can turn a simple construction or building project into a financial nightmare.

A land survey should be one of the first steps for any type of land development or construction project. Contractors, homeowners, engineers, and architects all rely on the findings of the land surveyor to accurately establish property lines, locate onsite infrastructure, and determine the slope and topography of the land. An experienced surveyor should also review important documents relating to the rights of a property, such as easements, wetlands, and flood zones. These entities are usually depicted on a plan and delivered to clients to show any obstructions or limitations of a piece of land.

When surveyors make errors on a plan or in the field, they can have serious ramifications and may result in the loss of time and money. Common and costly mistakes such as transposing numbers, misplaced decimal points, equipment malfunctions, miscalculation of property lines can result in fences installed on neighboring properties, structures erected in the wrong spot, and storm structures built at the wrong elevation. These errors typically arise from three sources: natural errors, instrument errors, and human errors.

Natural Errors – Caused by environmental conditions such as wind speed, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and curvature of the earth, which can be corrected by systematic maintenance.
Instrument Errors – Caused by imperfectly constructed, adjusted, or calibrated surveying equipment, which can be corrected by systematic maintenance.
Human Error - Caused by physical limitations and inconsistent setup or observation habits of a surveyor, which sometimes never get corrected with systematic maintenance.

Those purchasing properties or looking to develop land rely on a land survey to make the best financial decisions. The result of hiring an inferior company, solely based on price, reminds me of something my mother would always say: “You get what you pay for.” Instead, you should use a reputable firm that has your best interest at heart. At Howell Kline Surveying, our greatest resource is having experienced professionals, who have seen it all, and have dedicated their lives to delivering high caliber work. Howell Kline Surveying prides itself on using the latest equipment and technology, along with our licensed surveyors' invaluable experience, to deliver accurate surveys to all of our clients.


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