The Other Most Important Meal of the Day

January 28, 2022
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As I am sure many of you have set aside some time in your busy schedule to read another weekly D.L. Howell newsletter, I am writing my newsletter during, you guessed it…LUNCH. In today’s busy world, lunch is often overlooked as we work to get that submission out before a deadline or jump on another Zoom call. But how often is a kid asked what their favorite class is and they reply, “Lunch”? Our initial response is probably along the lines of, “Oh, he must hate school.” Maybe he just understands the importance of lunch and being properly fueled for the second half of his day.

I come to you today to remind you to eat your lunch! ‘Why?’, you ask. Let me give you a few reasons why you should make sure that you don’t miss lunch.

Five Good Reasons to Take a Lunch:

(1) Fuel – Eat something smart and healthy. Do not run out and pick up a sandwich that has the word ‘Fat’ in it, that’s just going to put you to sleep or worse…
(2) Networking – Whether it is running out to pick something up with a few coworkers or taking a client out to lunch, use your lunchtime to step away from the grind and check in on someone.
(3) Reset – Take the time to reset and finish the day strong. Step away from the digital screens and give your eyes a chance to relax.
That email will still be there in 15 minutes for you to answer after lunch.
(4) Stretch your Legs – Get your lunch to-go and take a walk to get some blood flow back in your legs. Too often, we sit at our desk for hours and a quick walk will help add to that afternoon energy to get us to that 5 o’clock whistle (or later)
(5) Stress Relief – What is less stressful than lunch? Do something that won’t stress you out (unless you are trying to decide on a place to go for lunch, that might be stressful)

Well, I have finished my lunch and finished my newsletter, so until next time, keep grinding and remember to take a break and eat some lunch.


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