The Many Facets of Civil Engineering

July 24, 2020
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There are many different facets of Civil Engineering, such as land planning, environmental and stormwater management, to name a few. Here at D.L. Howell & Associates, Inc., we are involved with several of these aspects. We have done work ranging from small residential building additions to large subdivisions involving individual lots and multi-family dwellings, commercial, and industrial developments. No job is too big or too small for us! Below I will discuss some of the reasons you should contact D.L. Howell & Associates to help plan your project.

Drainage Issues

Ponding water in a homeowner’s yard can cause many issues, such as breeding grounds for mosquitoes, areas where grass is unable to grow, and even allowing water to seep into your basement. Here at D.L. Howell, we can help with these issues by providing cost-effective improvements. On a smaller scale, these issues can be fixed by merely rerouting downspouts. On a larger scale, re-grading the yard is necessary or possibly designing an infiltration system such as an underground bed or a beautiful rain garden. Depending on the scale of the issue and the requirements of the township, it could be resolved by simply doing the work yourself without any permits or applying for a township grading and stormwater management permit.

Erosions Issues

Have you noticed ruts being created in your yard by runoff or areas of dirt beginning to wash away? Like drainage issues, this could be fixed by rerouting downspouts to another part of the yard, or some lot grading may be needed to prevent runoff from becoming channelized. Even planting some shrubbery or plants could help correct these issues. D.L. Howell & Associates can provide solutions to fix these issues and insight into how to prevent erosion issues from occurring in other areas.

Residential Building Additions

Are you planning to create that extra space needed to house your growing family? Are you interested in creating that lovely breakfast nook that you have always dreamed of having? No problem! We will analyze the township’s ordinances and permitting to see what is allowable for your property. Some municipalities will require full stormwater design when the impervious addition is over so many square feet. They may need a simplified stormwater method if the added impervious is less than a certain square footage. It all depends on how big you want to go.

Land Development

You recently purchased a property and would like to begin the process of building a row of stores. We can help with that too! We will work with you to design a practical layout that includes parking, stormwater management, and lot grading within the requirements of the township ordinances. We will also work on getting all necessary approvals from the township and other agencies to build what you have envisioned for your project.


So, you want to subdivide your existing lot into multiple lots. As civil engineers, we can provide a complete zoning analysis on your lot to see if you can subdivide and how many lots you could achieve. Once you have approved the layout of lots, we can take the necessary steps to begin the process of township approval. The size and constraints of the project will dictate what is required to reach full and final approval.  

D.L. Howell & Associates, Inc. can help with all your civil engineering needs so don’t be afraid to call, we’d love to talk with you!


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