Office Etiquette 101

July 21, 2023
2 min read
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With nice weather and lots of vacations, we often lose touch with reality in the summer. Here are a few tips to keep you on track and maintain professional office etiquette.

  1. When chatting with a coworker, use your most confident, outdoor voice.
    Your conversation is the most important conversation in the office, and everyone needs to hear it.
  2. Always shoot rubber bands at the new people.
    It makes them feel welcome. We all remember our first few days. Nothing validates that you're a good fit like a good rubber band war. Bonus points if you hit the sprinklers.
  3. Safety tip: Run through the hallways.
    Counting how many people you can bump into is always a fun game. If you're not running, do you even care about being efficient?
  4. Leave your leftovers in various trash cans.
    It's easier for the office dogs to get to. They work hard enough and shouldn't have to go too far for extra snacks and treats throughout the day.
  5. "Reply all" to every company email.
    Getting an email saying "LOL" is exactly what the 60 of us needed. We LOLed too.
  6. If you bring candy, only bring enough for yourself. 
    Nobody even likes candy, and nobody will ask you for any.
  7. If the printer gets jammed, walk away.
    You didn't do it, you didn't know it happened, you don't even understand what went wrong. Leave it for the next person.
  8. Don't offer to pick up anyone's lunch.
    Don't bother letting anyone know you're getting lunch at Chipotle or Wawa. It's not like you'll see half the office there anyways.
  9. Complain about the temperature.
    Being in a climate-controlled office is not good enough. One degree too high or low is probably the end of the world.
  10. Never refill the hand soap or restock the toilet paper.
    That's always a fun surprise.
  11. Leave the water reservoir empty in the Keurig.
    You just wanted the next person to use it to have the freshest water, right?
  12. Keep your office door open while you're on the phone.
    Put it on speaker and take personal calls as well. Your doctor's appointment next Tuesday is important to all of us.

Hope this keeps everyone focused and eager to work hard this summer. Refer to this list when you need a refresher, forward it to those who might need it, or read it aloud in your most confident, outdoor voice.


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