Not Your Father’s Engineering Firm!

January 7, 2022
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That’s right, I’ll say it. D.L. Howell & Associates is not what people envision when they think of a typical engineering company – and that is a good thing! Why should you pay attention? Because we’re hiring – BIGTIME. Gone are the days of lined up drafting tables, white shirts, black ties, pocket protectors and running endless pipe calculations for years on end (don’t be that guy…). 

We are on an all-out mission to find quality folks looking for long-term, well-paying, stable career positions in a setting that doesn’t put people in a corner - we’re not about that. What’s the catch, you ask? You’ll need to have a healthy thirst for challenge, possess the desire to lead others and… enjoy a fast pace. Interested? Read on…

Why we are different…

The Environment

Sure our corporate culture is casual, we are in the construction industry after all. But we dress it up when we need to. As civil engineers and designers, we work with the full spectrum of customers, from individual homeowners and site contractors to real estate investment trusts. It is essential that our employees be able to adjust how they communicate based on a client’s level of experience with the regulatory world. I love being able to say that our team is exceptionally well versed in adapting to different clientele. You’re probably wondering why that’s important. It is important because we are also dead set on getting our team members technically proficient and interacting with clientele as soon as they are comfortable to do so. That’s not the case with most firms. As a matter of fact, at some firms, you could find yourself in a situation where you rarely even see a client for years. 

The Opportunity 

“The opportunity for advancement". Many firms may say it, their job ads will state it over and over, but be careful. Most of the time, firms are just telling prospective employees what they want to hear. Now, if there is one thing I can say with absolute certainty, it is that here at DL Howell, we are eager to run people up the chain of command – so long as they are up for it. “Eager” is an understatement. We are dying to advance capable team members into positions where they answer to nobody but their clients and themselves. Stop and think about that for just a second - it is a big deal and not an opportunity you’ll see often. All you need is drive, determination and a desire to run your own show. Not quite technically there? No problem, we’ll help get you there. Demonstrate you can handle the task at hand and you're on your way.  

The People 

Like to laugh? Well we do plenty of that here, and our team members get all the credit for that! I can’t imagine working in an environment that was so uptight that you couldn’t have a little fun. The work we do as civil engineers and designers comes with great responsibility. We are literally charged with ensuring the health, safety and welfare of the general public – super serious stuff. And because we operate continually with such focus, we also need some downtime to decompress. Our team gets this done and it is absolutely essential to our ability to do what we do every day.  

So, back to the hiring thing. If the above glimpse into what we do here interests you or you think it may interest someone you know, call the office and ask for me. I’d love to chat about how we can help you and how you can help us.  

Andrew DeFonzo, P.E.
Director of Engineering


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