Lights, Camera, Action! DLH is Now Doing Pipe Inspections!

December 18, 2020
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D.L. Howell & Associates is proud to announce that, beginning in 2021, we will be offering video inspection for sanitary and stormwater pipes (4" to 60" and up diameter) with a sewer inspection crawler! You might be asking, what is a sewer inspection crawler? Well, this safe, easy, and advanced robotic system allows DL Howell to view and record digital video, log observations, and generate reports of stormwater sanitary pipes integrity and ensure that they were correctly installed. We at DL Howell then take these findings and send them to our clients directly from the field for instant results and feedback.

Our top-of-the-line crawler is equipped with:

  • Rear and front-facing high-definition cameras
  • Led lights for illuminating focal points
  • An adjustable camera that raises in the pipe to fit 4" to 60" and up diameter
  • 360-degree rotation of cameras
  • 1000 foot of cable for long-range inspections
  • Pipe grade inclinometer
  • On-board laser to measure defects and ovality

Meeting Our Customers Needs

As Denny has stated, “Nothing is better than now.” All of our inspections will be done from within a field ready vehicle that can be mobilized at any moment for our clients. This will ensure that all deliverables to our clients can be processed, reviewed, and sent in the shortest possible time frame to keep our clients on track and informed of any abnormalities or reasons for concern found in the pipe. We want to provide the best service for our clients and be the ones they can trust to get them their deliverables in a timely, well presented, and easily understandable manner.

Why Pipe Inspection is Important

Unfortunately, stormwater and sanitary pipes are not meant to last forever. A number of different occurrences and instances can cause a pipe to need some sort of maintenance. Construction work can cause pipe joints to be disturbed, collapse, or shift the engineer’s proposed incline or decline of a pipe. If pipe joints are not thoroughly sealed, roots can also become an issue and hurt the pipe's integrity. The only way to know any of this information or to know what is causing a pipe to lose flow is to send a crawler such as ours down there to inspect the area. Once inside, the crawler will be able to document, identify, and compile all the relevant data needed for the client to see what is happening inside the pipe.

If you need to have a stormwater and sanitary pipe inspected, reach out to us by filling out THIS FORM, and we will be sure to get you on the schedule ASAP! If not, reach out to us at any time, and we will be more than happy to assist you with any of your Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Drone Photo/Cinematography, and NOW Pipe Inspection needs!


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