It’s Bath(ymetric’s) Time!

May 19, 2023
2 min read
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Now I'm not talking about a traditional bath, as you would imagine, with suds, rubber duckies, and making a beard out of bubbles to rival Denny's, but a bathymetric survey. A bathymetric survey allows for measuring the depth of a water body and mapping the underwater features of the floor. They can help tell flood inundation, determine the contour of streams/reservoirs, detect leakage, assist with water-quality studies, and identify storage and fill-in reservoirs and ponds.

Bathymetric surveys use an echo sounder attached to a boat (manned or unmanned) or drone. As the equipment moves across the water, the echo sounder generates electrical signals that an underwater transducer converts into sound waves. These soundwaves will bounce off the existing features of the body of water, and then the created echo calculates and identifies the distance of the feature. Bathymetric survey systems use GNSS (or GPS) systems to link each measured distance to a precise depth to create a model representing the conditions of the body of water.

So why am I telling you all of this? Does this newsletter mean Denny bought the equipment to do bathymetric surveys? Maybe. Are we trying to gauge who on our newsletter list would be interested in these services? Yes. But most importantly, are we just trying to prove that we're the best Civil Engineering, Surveying, and Environmental firm in the area by constantly looking for new and inventive ways to help our current and possible new clients? You be the judge.



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