November 13, 2020
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D.L. Howell & Associates strives to utilize the latest technology to provide value to our clients. Over the past few years, drones have rapidly grown in popularity. D.L. Howell quickly adopted this technology to provide our clients with fast, reliable data, and we continue to invest in technology and expand our drone services. Now introducing...!

With over five years of flight experience and several Part 107 Certified Pilots, each expertly trained in UAV data capture techniques D.L. Howell is equipped to provide quick and accurate data tailored to projects of any size. Drones can map, model, survey and gather your project site data to produce high-resolution aerial imagery. We use the latest technology and cutting-edge innovations, giving our clients the ability to instantly view, measure, and manage their projects.

Our drone services are primarily used for the following:

  • Construction / Engineering Progress and Job Site Monitoring. Do you have a site that is or will soon be under construction? D.L. Howell will fly the site on a reoccurring basis to provide visual data on the project's progress. Drone flights provide quick, accurate data that can be used for Pre-Planning, Progress Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Surveying. We use drones to create topographic maps to track the changes on your site. We can also calculate volumes of topsoil stockpiles quickly using 3D models created by drone imagery. Drones measure distances, heights, and the areas grade from an aerial perspective much faster than can be done in the field. Drones are making ALTA surveys more affordable and faster to process than ever before. We use RTK (real-time kinetic) technology, which means a faster workflow on our end that will provide you with a highly accurate and comprehensive assessment of your project.
  • Inspections. Using a drone to collect visual data allows inspectors to avoid possibly dangerous situations while also keeping projects on budget.
  • Photography / Cinematography. Aerial photography allows for a unique bird's eye view. We use the latest technology to capture high-resolution photos and videos from scenic landscape flyovers to up-close and lower to the ground tracking action shots.
  • Real Estate / Marketing. Differentiate your property listing through detailed, high-resolution aerial images and videos. Aerial views can dramatically elevate traditional marketing campaigns.

While collecting visual data on foot can take hours, a drone's speed and efficiency allow for data to be collected in just minutes.  As leaves continue to fall off the trees, now is a great time to capture aerial photography! Head on over to to check it out!


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