I Had No Idea This Survey Would Take So Long!

July 22, 2022
2 min read
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We often hear comments like this from our clients about boundary surveys:

  • "We did not think this was so much work."
  • "Our lot is not that big."
  • "We only wanted this side surveyed."

Howell Kline works very hard at being efficient, having all our information for the survey prepared before the fieldwork, and gathering adequate knowledge in the field to ensure the survey's accuracy. Let's address some of the reasons why there is a disconnect in work required for a boundary survey. 

We look for evidence of boundary surveys previously done on your property. This evidence includes rebar, pipes, concrete monuments, or anything set by a surveyor in the past. This evidence is in the ground and needs to be uncovered and located without instrumentation. We look for these things on your property and your adjoining properties. We need your neighbor's property corners to make our final determination on where the corners genuinely are.

Smaller lots are wonderful because we do not necessarily need to survey over great distances. These smaller lots have challenges, including fences, shrubs, outbuildings, etc. These things are helpful because they guide us in looking for evidence but also present challenges due to poor sight lines. We need to locate these things to ensure we catch any encroachments (structures or improvements, not you own on your property). 

We often explain to clients that we can not just survey "one side" of your property. In order to properly determine the location of any one particular line, it is still necessary to survey the entire area.

We aim to communicate with you and set realistic expectations. We want to be upfront with our clients, so we ask that you provide us with as much information as possible so that we can estimate the work accurately. We will also communicate with you after work has begun and discuss any issues that may keep us from fulfilling our contract. 

If at any time in the process of us performing your survey you have questions, we are always willing to answer those questions and help you better understand. 


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