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Civil Engineering Services

Howell Engineering understands the importance of comprehensive research and planning. Our technical skills and ground-breaking ideas allow us to interpret land use regulations, meet zoning requirements, and determine the project site’s ideal use.

We’re based in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and we’ve done business here for more than 20 years. That translates to superior knowledge of local, state, and federal permitting—which allows our clients to plan a cost effective project.

In addition, our tenacity and first-rate relationships with reviewing agencies generate results quickly and effectively. 

And because guidelines and regulations are a moving target, the Howell Engineering team stays involved in projects from sketch design to construction—to keep your project on track.


Land Development Design & Approval

Break ground with confidence.

Howell supports successful Land Development projects by working closely with the client and their design team—including land use attorneys, traffic engineers, landscape architects, and project architects. Together, we develop a strategic and comprehensive plan for presentation to the Municipality.


During the process, the Howell team works with state and local review agencies for approval of public improvements and environmental permitting.  A comprehensive set of construction documents and specifications is prepared utilizing state of the art survey instruments including GPS and Drone Data and Auto CAD 3D design software.

We’ve designed and secured approval on numerous land development projects from simple building additions to complex shopping centers. The Howell team works closely with municipalities and their consultants to obtain final land development approval in a timely manner. In conjunction with land development approval, Howell also prepares plans for conditional use, special exceptions, and variances.

Municipal Engineering Services

Leverage our engineering expertise.

Our approach to providing municipal services sets Howell apart from virtually every other engineering firm—because we have a licensed professional engineer perform ALL review and design work.

Furthermore, we have two professional engineers available at all times to ensure we meet your goals and deadlines.


We offer the following Municipal services:

  • Municipal Engineering & Planning
  • Land Development and Subdivision Plan Reviews
  • Construction Inspections & Administration
  • Stormwater Management
  • Park & Recreation Facility Design
  • PennDOT Highway Design
  • Environmental Services
  • 3rd Party Plan Reviews
  • Boundary & Topographic Survey
  • Legal & Deed Descriptions
  • Conservation District & DEP Permitting Assistance
  • Expert Testimony
  • Zoning Code Enforcement

Erosion and Sedimentation Control

Don’t let your project lose ground.

Erosion and sedimentation control prevents construction site erosion, as well as the discharge of sediment-laden water (muddy water) onto adjacent properties and roads.

Properly handled, it’s a routine aspect of any development or construction project. However, complications from improper erosion and sedimentation control can seriously impact the progress of your project.

Howell has  decades of experience with conservation districts throughout the region, and we have developed beneficial professional relationships with Department of Environmental Protection individuals who review Erosion & Sedimentation (E&S) Control Plans. We also stay up-to-date on the latest E&S regulations and design techniques—to make sure erosion and sedimentation control keeps your project on track and on schedule.


Howell has years of experience with conservation districts throughout the region, and we have developed beneficial professional relationships with Department of Environmental Protection individuals who review Erosion & Sedimentation (E&S) Control Plans. We also stay up-to-date on the latest E&S regulations and design techniques—to make sure erosion and sedimentation control keeps your project on track and on schedule.

Sewage Facilities Planning Modules

Create smarter sewage solutions.

To ensure proper planning for all types of sewage disposal scenarios, Howell coordinates sewage facilities planning modules through the local municipalities, public and/or private municipal authorities and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) for all of our subdivision and land development projects.

Howell has strong working relationships with Municipalities, County Health Departments, Treatment Facilities, Municipal Authorities, and the PA DEP—along with a strong track record of successful permitting strategies that are timely and cost-efficient solutions for our clients.

Floodplain Analysis

Predict and insure with precision.

With the latest flood analysis and hydrology technology, Howell can efficiently help property owners determine if their property is located within flood zones or floodplain. With FEMA frequently updating their maps—requiring more and more property owners to pay expensive flood insurance premiums—it’s important to stay on pace with the changes. Perhaps more importantly, it’s critical to have the ability to accurately determine actual flood zone elevations even where FEMA has not.

From single-family homes to large-scale community planning, Howell has the expertise to provide the precise, accurate information you need to understand how flood zones may affect your plans and your budget.

Many communities in southeastern Pennsylvania are within areas designated as Zone A. In these Zone A areas, flood delineations are “estimated” by FEMA and can vary by as much as 100 feet in some instances from the actual calculated or “modeled” flood zone boundary. In addition to requiring flood insurance, most municipalities have specific standards for building or developing in an approximate flood area. This is where Howell can help.

Utilizing the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers HEC-RAS River Analysis Program in conjunction with AutoCAD Civil 3D, Howell can determine flood levels more quickly and accurately than ever before. This gives you the precision intel you need, when you need it, to plan and execute your project with confidence.


Our Floodplain Analysis services include:

  • Floodway Modeling
  • Flood Insurance Elevation Determinations
  • Parking Lots in Flood Hazard Areas
  • Elevation Certificates
  • FEMA Letter of Map Amendments (LOMA)
  • Letter of Map Revisions (LOMR)
  • Local Permitting Assistance

FEMA Map Studies and Revisions

Get clarity on storm surge planning.

A FEMA Map Study is used to determine how high the water will rise in a particular water course.  In the study, storm surge levels are determined for the 100-year storm, and the areas within the storm surge are considered floodplains. This information is used to identify high risk flood areas, and to determine if flood insurance will be required for a particular property.

Howell uses state-of-the-art software to model storms and map floodplain boundaries, giving you the clear information you need to make critical planning decisions.


Highway Occupancy Permits

Accelerate your road work.

Any proposed work involving the Right-of-Way (R/W) of a State Road—for example, adding or modifying an access point (driveway, new street, parking lot, etc.) or utility work—requires a Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP). Obtaining an HOP involves submitting a Highway Occupancy Plan to the Department of Transportation (DOT).


This process includes completing a DOT Survey and Traffic Impact Study (TIS), and creating a Highway Occupancy Plan including stormwater management design, paving specifications, road profiles, road cross-sections, pavement marking plans, construction plans, signalization plans and other details.

The Howell team has extensive experience in all aspects of Highway Occupancy Permitting, which streamlines the process for our clients.

Building Permit Plans

Navigate permitting with efficiency.

Howell provides building permit plans as a service to not only large development companies but also individual property owners looking to build an addition or develop a single lot. We know the requirements necessary to obtain permits from any municipality, and have spent years building relationships with all governing agencies. This tends to expedite the process and alleviates unnecessary headaches for the applicant.

Pool Permit Plans

Make approval part of your pool planning.

If you’re considering an in-ground pool, you’ll need a building permit plan, also referred to as a pool permit plan. 

A pool permit plan is a lot plot plan showing the entire property, including the proposed pool or spa and its mechanical equipment and any driveways, walkways, parking areas, wells, retaining walls, utilities, easements, trees, or other structures. A survey may also be required depending on the location of the pool on your lot.

The Howell team is extensively experienced in creating thorough pool permit plans to satisfy municipalities and property owners alike.

Building Addition Plans

Add our expertise to your team.

Building an addition to an existing dwelling or any other structure on a previously approved lot requires a building addition plan, typically showing important details such as existing features, topography, utilities, and existing property lines as well as the new items being proposed.

Depending on the size of the project and overall disturbance area, an individual typically needs a property survey, architectural plans for the proposed structures, and often stormwater management design (to control additional runoff generated by the proposed structures). In some cases, the individual may need to obtain sewer and water permit approvals from applicable governing agencies.

Howell provides complete building addition plan services for large development companies and individual property owners. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in the requirements necessary to obtain permits from any municipality. In addition, we’ve spent years building relationships with all governing agencies, which can expedite the process and help alleviate unnecessary headaches for the applicant.

Roadway Design

We have the drive to get cars moving. 

A Highway Occupancy Permit Plan is a plan required by the Department of Transportation to obtain a Highway Occupancy Permit (HOP).  A HOP is required whenever work is being proposed in the Right-of-Way (R/W) of a State Road.  Work that is typically done in the R/W includes adding or modifying an access point (driveway, new street, parking lot, etc.) or utility work.

A Department of Transportation Survey and Traffic Impact Study (TIS) are completed, and then Highway Occupancy Plans are done based on the work being proposed.  The Plans could require stormwater management design, paving specifications, road profiles, road cross-sections, standard notes and details, pavement marking plans, construction plans, signalization plans.

Sport Field Engineering

Get the competitive advantage. Sports Field Planning, Design and Construction Management.

Howell Sports Engineering specializes in the planning, design, and construction management of new and renovated sports fields. Our clients include public and private high schools, municipal and public recreation leagues and programs, and Universities and Colleges.


We specialize in the following Sports Engineering services:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site investigations
  • Survey & Mapping
  • Planning
  • Design Development
  • Independent Product Evaluation & Selection
  • Construction Management
  • Sports Lighting

Landscape Architecture

The best way to green a site.

Howell offers a wide range of services directly linked to the landscape and land development process.  Local jurisdictions require Landscape Architecture services for any Land Development submission. This is where Howell Engineering stands out.  

With Landscape Architecture in-house, we can coordinate with the engineering and survey teams daily, find quick solutions for issues that arise and develop landscape plans that work for our client’s needs.

In addition, we provide a selection of site remediation services, including reforestation and stream restoration, riparian corridor planting/layout, site management and mapping of the natural systems.


  • Landscape Architecture    

  • Zoning Feasibility Studies and Planning

  • Site Analysis & Sketch Plan Design

  • Land Development Approvals

  • Landscape Design for Residential Projects

  • Riparian Corridor Planting and Reforestation Design

  • Park and Playground Design

  • Complete Streetscape Design, and Traffic Calming

  • Landscape Planting Design

  • Landscape Restoration Design

  • Rooftop Garden Design

  • Water Feature Design

  • Expert Testimony

  • Community Outreach

Land Planning

The smart way to understand your land.

Howell offers a wide range of services to help our clients determine the most viable design potential for both residential and commercial property applications. This includes the analysis of county and federal maps, tax maps, and survey and deed information in conjunction with municipal ordinance reviews to provide a preliminary analysis of properties. 

To minimize guesswork and financial commitment, we generate initial AutoCAD drawings to place proposed developmental ideas on paper for further analysis. As projects evolve, we use additional design information and more specific regulation requirements to refine layouts of proposed subdivisions, road systems, and building and parking configurations. 

In addition, we provide a full grading analysis to balance a site to its fullest potential – minimizing and/or eliminating the need to import or export earth materials from a site. We also offer extensive municipal ordinance review, which can help our clients seek relief from sites full of restrictive elements and ultimately bring your vision to reality.

We specialize in the following LAND PLANNING services:

  • Zoning Feasibility Studies and Planning

  • Ordinance Reviews

  • Site Analysis & Sketch Plan Design
  • Site Plan Renderings

Zoning Feasibility Studies and Planning

Consider your options from every angle.

A Zoning Feasibility Study from Howell helps you determine the developmental potential of a property or a group of contiguous properties.

To analyze zoning feasibility, we consider factors including boundary, topography and existing features (i.e. woods, streams, ponds, rock outcrops, etc.), along with design criteria and permitted uses in applicable zoning, subdivision & land development ordinances and other regulations. From this compiled data, we create a base plan which enables you to evaluate a property’s relative purchase and/or reasonable value.

Our Zoning Feasibility Studies can also provide a provisional layout to help a potential buyer decide if a particular property fits his or her needs. This approach is a smart, cost-effective way to minimize guesswork and provide objective clarity to any property in consideration

Ordinance Reviews

Crack the code on government regulations.

Howell provides a thorough professional engineering review of the applicable ordinances governing the development of your site. Our comprehensive review includes regulations at all levels of government—from the local municipality (borough, city, town, or township), to county, state, and federal governments.  From this review, we can determine the potential impacts the ordinance requirements might have on your particular project.

Taking advantage of our expert review early in the development process can help to determine the most cost-effective use and layout for your particular site—identifying any conflicts and defining permitted uses, lot coverage as it relates to floor area, parking requirements and environmentally sensitive areas where development is prohibited.

Site Plan Renderings

Visualize your concepts.

A site rendering provides a detailed, full-color illustration of a site layout, using colored shading to visually indicate the details of a project so that other stakeholders—partners, township officials, and the general public—can understand your plan, including impervious coverage vs. “green” areas and other important aspects.

To create a site rendering, Howell merges proposed and existing AutoCAD files to illustrate and define buildings, paving, sidewalks, grass, meadows and/or woods as well as tot lots, parks and stormwater areas.

This detailed illustration is an effective tool to help the public visualize and understand the positive potential of your project.

Site Analysis and Sketch Plan Design

A Site Analysis is performed to determine the developmental potential of a particular property and/or group of contiguous properties.

In order to complete a site analysis, data, such as boundary, topography and existing features (i.e. woods, streams, ponds, rock outcrops, etc.) is obtained and compared to design criteria and allowable uses permitted in the Zoning, Subdivision & Land Development Ordinances and other applicable regulations.  Information can be acquired in numerous ways such as Tax Records, USGS & County GIS Mapping, internet sites and available survey data which is then digitally assembled into a sketch plan.

 The sketch plan enables a client to consider a property’s relative purchase and/or an acceptable value.   It also assists in creating a proposed layout by which a potential buyer can decide if that particular property fits his/her needs with respect to its intended use.  This is accomplished with minimal financial commitment and eliminates and/or enlightens a buyer to potential pitfalls associated with the property.

Drone Services

Take project monitoring to the next level.

Howell can bring precise, high-value information to your project through the use of drone technology to gather a wealth of data quickly and efficiently. Our full-time on-staff certified drone pilots bring the engineering knowhow to make the most of drone technology in powering your progress.


Pipe Inspection

See beyond the surface.

We offer CCTV video inspection for sanitary and stormwater pipes from 6″ to 96″ in diameter. Our advanced robotic CCTV inspection crawler is a safe way to view, verify, record, and report on pipe installation and integrity. These findings can be sent directly from the field for instant results and feedback. 

Our high-performance inspection crawler is equipped with rear- and front-facing HD cameras, LED lights, a 360-degree rotational camera, pipe-grade inclinometer, and an on-board laser system to measure defects and ovality.


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